There’s Politics at MCHS?!

Jaiden Herzog, Staff Writer - The Mustang Messenger

The student body government is a collection of McCracken’s finest students that are driven to bring our student body together and help out at school functions such as homecoming and spirit week.

As of now, the student body President at McCracken County High School is Sydney Clevidence (pictured to the right). She won her position for the second time in the spring of last year. Ever since 2021, she has put forth so much effort and dedication to ensuring that our high school is the best it can be. She and her ideas for the future are extremely vital to the evolution of MCHS. Applications for student body government are open in September, but to become an officer, like Sydney, you need to apply in the spring months.

Furthermore, after experiencing strain during the past few years of COVID-19, the student body joined together to plan our October homecoming events. Sydney and her Vice President, Erin Farris, helped to plan last week’s spirit themes as well as homecoming court. Erin is in her first year of an officer position, and so far, is doing well. Clevidence hopes that this year, she’ll be able to reunite the student government and solidify it. “I definitely enjoy being in student government! It’s really fun getting to see the school all having fun and enjoying the things that the group has worked so hard to come up with. In the past few years, student government has struggled with connecting as we haven’t had as many meetings (again, covid-related), and I hope this year I’ll be able to turn that around!” remarked MCHS student body government President, Sydney Clevidence.