Splatoon 3

Good Game, Terrible Sequel

Splatoon 3

Gavin Lager, Staff Writer - The Mustang Messenger


Now before I start absolutely ripping this game, I am a Splatoon veteran and I have experience in every game so this is a professional opinion.

Splatoon: great, Splatoon 2:legendary, Splatoon 3:Why?

Splatoon 3 had a lot of hype around it, Splatoon 2 had been around for 5 years until Splatoon 3 came out so there was some hype. Splatoon 3 got 3.45 million copies which is a lot of money considering that it cost 60 dollars to get a hold of the game. The game has had good reception, mainly rated with most with 7/10 or 8/10. Though those reviews are great I personally think the game is terrible. Splatoon 1 was a hugely popular game selling about 22 million copies which is almost 8 times the amount Splatoon 3 has sold. Now Splatoon 1 has an advantage as Splatoon was never heard of before and brought great gameplay. Now Splatoon 2 IS A FLIPPIN MASTERPIECE!!! I loved the game! The graphics were amazing and the gameplay legendary. Splatoon 3 though took all of that away. The graphics look worse, and the gameplay is slower, which is a mainstay within Splatoon. I just felt the game declined. The game only added 2 weapons that are absolutely terrible, while getting rid of countless amounts of great weapons such as the Grim Reaper blaster and the Fresh Squiffer. The graphics look more like they belong in a comic book and that just doesn’t sit well with me. Now though Splatoon 3 would have been a good game if it was the first installment since it followed up Splatoon 2 it had big shoes to fill and it didn’t do that very well. Now I would like to compliment the game. It’s still a good game, it just didn’t compare to any of the other Splatoon games. Splatoon 3 couldn’t live up to the legacy of the other games. I know that’s hard because the other Splatoon games were PHENOMENAL but still, we waited 5 years for the game and it still couldn’t deliver. Splatoon 3 still added some great things like a new beautiful city and the campaign was finally creative so the game wasn’t a complete loss. Splatoon 3 still didn’t compare to older games and I think this is the biggest gaming disappointment of the year.  Though I have trashed Splatoon 3 during this review I will admit that the game would have been great had it not had the pressure of 5 years and The Splatoon franchise. Throughout all of this insulting and judging, the game does have its positives. One is the new lockers which are pretty cool you get your own custom locker. Though Splatoon 3 is a terrible sequel don’t forget it’s a good game, so if you’re new to Splatoon then this game is still good to play but for us vets it was disappointing.

“The game didn’t add anything too special,” said a fellow Splatoon vet. That sums up Splatoon 3 it added a bunch of useless updates that made the game nice look new but in the end, nothing was really new. I would like to say that I still play this game so to all people out there grab your ink brushes or chargers or blasters or splatters and get inking!