The Fading of Halloween on Jefferson Street

Eden Neihoff, Staff Writer - The Mustang Messenger

As a kid, we feel so excited to walk outside and take a deep breath in the late October air, eat an excessive amount of candy, and probably scrape your knee from running too fast from the excitement that it’s Halloween. Everyone knows that Jefferson Street is the best place to trick or treat but it really makes you start to think, is Halloween fading away? Everyone noticed the desolate streets this last October 31st. It just did not seem the same as it used to be. Not many went all out as great as in prior years leading up to this. Now there was an alright show-up and some went all out. However everyone can’t help but wonder, is Halloween really getting less and less like a childhood terrifying holiday?

Although there were many less nostalgic moments from this Halloween, there were many honorable mentions in the gorgeous houses that had some nice decorations. Like houses that had ghosts in the yard. All in all, Halloween was very different from the nostalgic holiday everyone had as kids and everyone can say that they hope for a Halloween as good as the old ones.