Esports is open

Gavin Langer, Staff Writer - The Mustang Messenger

Esports is a club that sometimes can go under the radar but is actually a fantastic club. I have been a member of the Esports club for most of my time here at McCracken county high school and I have enjoyed my experience thoroughly. Now though Esports has been around for a while it still needs new members to support the club. Esports is an actual sport as the name says but many people don’t think of it when thinking of sports. Esports has many bonuses that other sports don’t have like the fact that you don’t have to be athletic to play and the only training you need is playing video games. What the sport lacks in activity it makes up for in strategy. Esports is very strategic, you have to learn combos and read the players you’re against. Esports also has a great community to practice with and you can play with your fellow team members. Esports also have variety. You play a plethora of different games with different strategies which makes the experience more challenging and fun. MCHS Esports club is actually planning to do a tournament and could use some players. Esports is held every Thursday and a day of the week that is mostly free. Esports is a very loose club where you can play many games as you want. Now there are rules such as no shooter games and all games must be appropriate. Though there are rules you still have a lot of freedom when you are in the club. Esports is also very inclusive. You can be really bad at video games and still join as I did. Esports is also a loved club among its members “ I cherish my time within the club “one member said. Esports is also a club with time we stay until 4:00 pm but you can always leave early if you’d like. Esports has its negatives as other clubs do. You have to bring your own consoles and it’s not guaranteed to work so you need to make sure that your console is working or you just wasted your time and energy bringing a console that doesn’t work. Another negative is well the internet as many students attend MCHS the internet isn’t always the best. Esports might have negatives but the positives completely outweigh the negatives. Esports is a club that always will welcome anyone to the club, even if you can’t always attend doesn’t mean we will kick you out. Heck, you can walk in and join and we won’t care as long as you play games and don’t anger Mr.Hines (which in all honesty is incredibly hard to do) you can always join our club. Esports is and always will be open to new members. Esports is a fantastic club that many people would have fun with if they joined club. Now even if you don’t want to join if you know someone that you think would have fun in our club just tell them about us. Grab your controllers (Well the working ones) and get to playin’(Mainly Smash Brothers)