Veteran’s Day Program


Madison Davis, Staff Writer - The Mustang Messenger

Veterans Day is the day set aside to thank and honor all who have served, living or deceased, particularly the living veterans among us. At Mccracken County High School, we have a special Veterans day program where we allow students to bring any US military Veterans to our school to hold a ceremony for them in honor of their service to our country. On November 11, we all gathered in the gym for the assembly. Our band played the national anthem while our choir sang beautifully along, we all stood up in respect. We then had a guest speaker who was a former military Veteran come and tell us his story, it was inspiring to say the least. After, we all applauded the Veterans there, thanking them for all they have done and everything they risked during their service. I asked a Veteran that I know, what does Veterans day mean to you? He responded with, “It is the one day that I get to be remembered and congratulated for my service.” It is important that we show appreciation to these heroes, our Veterans day program does a great job of doing that.