Toxicity Against Female Celebrities

Eden Neihoff, Staff Writer - The Mustang Messenger

Every once in a while we catch ourselves finding a celebrity that we can hate on and say, “Selena’s just so much better than her,” or, “Justin Bieber lost someone so much better than his wife.” A picture is posted with the two women together and more comparisons and criticisms are made, but some people are shut down.

“She’s a pick me and so far from reality.” In 2017, Kendall Jenner was an it-girl, the most natural, down-to-earth celebrity. However, time went on and we find that she is called, “out of touch, rude, and entitled,” No matter our opinions, we can all agree that the issue is rooted in constantly changing opinions. Opinions are so often changed and the bandwagon is turned upside down when we find out about a new scandal or feud that is going on in a celebrity’s life. Over time our reality and awareness of pop culture are becoming warped and distorted. If you notice, most examples I just listed of toxicity towards celebrities are against women. Women’s rights have been tried for years, but this is not just women’s rights; this toxic behavior towards all parties.

The media has normalized pinning women against each other. When there is no drama between celebrities there will be something stirring the pot in an out-of-context quote or clip of a celebrity. It is saddening to see that the common share of disinterest can break apart so many people in pop culture. We should be urged to love and respect the respect that is exchanged through A-listers. So next time you see an article talking about how much they hate a celebrity, think before you make up your mind.