What Is The Problem With Modern Horror/Thriller?

Review of “There’s Someone Inside Your House”


Arabella Griffin, Staff Writer - The Mustang Messenger

“There’s Someone Inside Your House” is a movie that was released on Netflix in 2021. It got overall neutral ratings, with some people liking it, and some not so much. It got 47% percent from Rotten Tomatoes and many claimed that it was not well thought out. Most thought of it as just another boring Horror/Thriller movie. But what some of them don’t realize is how hard this movie fails to bring anything new or refreshing to the genre but is also lacking the goods to deliver a fun and thrilling experience. I asked a good friend of mine, what they thought of the movie, and they said “Very scary, good character building, and a very good plot twist ending. 10/10 would recommend.” -ANON  It made me think that they had watched a completely different movie. But no that was what they thought, so it made me think, why does this kind of movie appeal to people? Because some reviews online were positive, it made me question what would make this movie acceptable to fans of Horror/Thriller. And most importantly why does this movie not live up to its title?

First of all, the title is very misleading. The title is “There’s Someone Inside Your House” and most of the movie doesn’t even take place in a house. The beginning teases you with the introduction of a house and a mysterious murder but doesn’t tie into the plot very much. Most of the “house” scenes are unimportant and don’t give us any meaningful foreshadowing, even the final battle takes place in a corn maze. So the title is unimportant, therefore the movie doesn’t make any sense.  All of the characters are bland and uninteresting, I can’t remember any of their names but honestly, they don’t really do anything to drive the plot forward apart from a few weak kills. The drama was boring. It tries too hard to appeal to teenagers. There is not much happening leading up to the kills and those are also disappointing. The romance is unnecessary and does not drive the plot forward. Overall there is just a heavy lack of story.

The ending was predictable, I caught it from a mile away. As soon as I saw the party scene, I knew this person was the killer. It’s gotten to the point where people can pinpoint the “plot twist” ending. The person that everyone says is the killer is just the misunderstood loner while the psychopath who we call our friend is the “gasp! It was you all along!?” It was very cheesy acting too, like we get that you have daddy issues but you don’t need to go around in a generic-looking Spirit Halloween mask, killing your friends for the fun of it. The whole premise of him wearing the faces of his next victim sounds cool but just reads as trying too hard to be edgy. It doesn’t make sense for the story either. The main character’s ending felt unfinished and rushed. Her story didn’t tie into the plot of the movie, so her final speech was not as fulfilling as it was supposed to be.

So if this movie is so bad, why do people like it? The problem is that adults try to appeal to teenagers by putting lots of smoking and sex scenes, which they think is all we want. Lately, they put no thought into the story, they just add something random like a burning corn maze scene like “this is a good idea” while not thinking about the plot or setting whatsoever. Even though this story takes place in a literal HOUSE. They draw audiences in through the marketing trailers and try to appeal to younger people but end up creating a bland film. There are some scenes of the movie where the filmmakers are like “look at these relatable teens smoking and having a great time.” They think they know what we want by selling us a movie we have seen twenty times already. Fans of horror/thriller deserve better than this. We need fresh interesting content that can shock and surprise us. Give us more than the neutral, show us something new and exciting. Horror/thriller films should be given more interesting plotlines and stories than basic headlines that don’t make sense for the movie. That is what true film should be: Awe Inspiring.