Mental Health: What It’s Like in High School

Alexis Wallace, Staff Writer - The Mustang Messenger

As we are celebrating mental health week here at MCHS, it’s important to take a deeper dive into the importance of mental health awareness. During the high school years, the brain is developing and changing all of the time, making it extremely hard for children to process the things going on around them.

Mental health is a touchy subject for many people, but some people who don’t struggle with it may not truly understand why awareness and representation are important. Everyone processes and copes with their internal struggles in a different way, and having a little support from the people around them can make a big difference. In an interview with Tashia Alexander, she said she believes that “family, friends, and the people that someone sees on a daily basis are the most important people to bring awareness to the importance of mental health.” There is a difference between hearing something from people that someone doesn’t know, rather than seeing representation and getting a better understanding of how something affects the people around someone that they know personally. People feel less alone when they can relate to people who matter to them. 

When Tashia sees someone that she cares about struggling with their mental health, she says, “It’s upsetting, but show support and understanding to that person, even though sometimes people just don’t want your help.” As teachers, mentors, friends, brothers and sisters, and even parents, make sure to check on the people around you because you never actually know what people are going through when you’re not around. 

As this week comes to an end, let’s make sure the appropriate attention continues to stay on the importance of bringing awareness to mental health and all of our loved ones who struggle in silence.