McCracken Softball Season


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Kynadee Slife, Staff Writer - The Mustang Messenger

Sports can be a wonderful way for students to socialize and create wonderful relationships. Although the McCracken County High School softball season hasn’t officially started, and won’t until January, the girls have been having practices and preparing for their season to start. 

A player on the team, Isabelle Story, was interviewed about her relationship with this particular sport. Story was asked, “How do you and your teammates get motivated for games, practices, etc?” and her response was, “One good thing about softball is the connections that you make with all of the girls, so you really know all of them very well. When we have practices we really talk to each other and connect during warm-ups and stretches. Before games, we usually eat together and talk to each other to get prepared. Story was also asked, “Where do you see your team this softball season?” she replied, “I see my team making it to state. We did it last year, and I feel with the talent that we have this year, we can definitely make it again.”