The Big Decision: Democrats Vs. Republicans

Abigail Childers, Staff Writer - The Mustang Messenger

The current election for the Senate and House of Representatives started on November 8th, 2022. This topic has been stirring around in many conversations and some people have a lot to say about it. The results from this election are pretty problematic because of the split congress we now have. As of November 16th, 2022, the House of Representatives has been won by the Republican party and the Democrats will remain in power in the Senate. Senior Tashia Alexander definitely thinks this will be a problem in the future because both parties have equal opportunities to vote on bills. 

“This definitely seems controversial and like it is going to come up as a problem in the near future,” Alexander said. 

Politics are always a hot-button topic, especially in High School, which sounds really crazy, but with the current Gen-Z group, there have been many teenagers letting out their opinions and stating which side they are on. Many students at McCracken care a lot about this election because of the effect it is going to have on the country for the next couple of years. If asked, many students will tell what side they would vote for if they were of age. For Avery Huddleston (12), he thinks he would lean more toward the right side of the spectrum based on what he has seen in the country over the past 2 years.

Huddleston says, “I do not know much about this current election but if I was of age to vote, I would vote more towards the republican side for the Senate and House of Representatives.”

Unfortunately, teens in HIghschool in today’s day and age are going at each other’s throats just over politics. Topics that have to do with hot-button issues in politics set these kids over the edge and cause so much hostility between one another. Kids from the ages of 14-18 in High School will hear one opinion of another student and immediately start bashing them just over the topic of politics. Alexander thinks this is a problem because politics should not be turned into something that tears students apart.


“Teenagers don’t realize that politics don’t mean you don’t have to hate them. A lot of High Schoolers find out what political party someone agrees with and immediately discriminates against that individual,” said Alexander.


All in all, this election has been a great thing for the country because it gives citizens the opportunity to vote on the leaders for the U.S. . However, it does come with the dark side of hostility and anger between young students and even adults.