Cross Country State 2022


Kaitlyn Wildoner, Staff Writer - The Mustang Messenger

Our McCracken county cross country team went to state on Saturday, October 29th. 

Corbin Knight, a junior here at MCHS, has been on the cross-country team for his entire high school and middle school career. He’s been running for ten years now, and he says he enjoys cross country because it is fun and he likes spending time with the team. He has been to state before and says he wasn’t nervous about it. He felt confident and prepared for whatever he had to do. He’d like to thank his dad, Coach Knight, for pushing him to keep going and do better. His advice to anyone thinking about joining the team is to stick with it and don’t give up.

Jake Crittendon, a senior at MCHS, has been running cross country for his entire four years of high school. He loves this sport and plans to keep running incorporated in his adulthood. He has been to state before and when asked what he did for preparation, he said he ate well and tapered with his exercises. Crittendon said everyone who made it to state was deserving and they all worked hard to get there. He thanks his coaches, teammates, and family for his success and perseverance throughout high school. 

“If you want to join, it’s a great thing and a great group,” Crittendon says to anyone who is considering joining MCHS cross country.

Thomas Newton, junior at McCracken, has run cross country for three years. He said he was not nervous about state, and he’d like to thank Coach Knight for preparing him well. He enjoys running because he says it makes him feel accomplished when you do well in a race. His advice to upcoming students wanting to join is to show up for practices during the summer so they can stay in shape. Newton would like to thank his teammates and Coach Knight for his attending state.