Kaleb Turner: Volleyball Extraordinaire


Willow Burkholder, Staff Writer

If you’ve ever held a conversation with him, chances are his love for volleyball was mentioned at least once. As someone who’s been playing volleyball for three years now, Kaleb knows his way around a court. 

Another thing you’d know is how much Kaleb’s wished for there to be a men’s volleyball team at MCHS. When asked if he could see himself doing volleyball in the future, he responded with, “I would like to play volleyball for the school if there was a men’s team, as well as playing in college.” For now, though, he plays at Paducah Parks Rec. Center. His position? Opposite hitter.

Although he’s stated that he’s grown up around volleyball, he was never really that interested until he watched a show that was all about the sport. In finding his new-found love for the activity, Kaleb says that he plays to “have fun, improve on my technique, and take a break from everything else that happens during the week.” 

Of course, as an avid volleyball fan, his favorite teams are “the professional men’s American and Japanese teams.” 

As you can tell, Kaleb is very passionate about the sport and improving on how he plays, which is quite admirable. When asked why he plays he states that he loves the sport and wants to get better. The passion doesn’t stop there though: when asked if he had anything else to add, all he said was “I love volleyball.” That kind of hard work and dedication to getting better and just having an overall love for the sport is something that a lot of people could probably relate to and take from.