Trump’s rerun:

Republican or Independent?

Trumps rerun:

Bree Downs, Staff Writer - The Mustang Messenger

This past week, Donald Trump decided to rerun for the 2024 presidential election. This decision has led to separation within the republican party and a split in candidates. Whoever is chosen to be the candidate to represent the republican party, has to be voted for by every republican. Meaning if Donald Trump is chosen, he has to be voted for. However, many sources have stated that the republican support for Trump has diminished due to his pushing of the conspiracy theories of the last election. He still has a large following, but there is a split between a candidate choosing of Ron Desantis and Trump. Trump’s failure to deliver a “red wave” in the last election made a big blow to his claim, making him less reliable. Ron Desantis, the Republican governor of Florida, crushed his opponent in his reelection campaign, giving him potential electability for president.

After asking a senior from McCracken County how he feels about Trump’s rerun, he stated, “I don’t really feel a whole lot about it. He’s not going to win the candidacy anyway.” Many Republicans are leaning towards Ron Desantis. But this brings the question, will Trump become an independent party if not chosen for the republican party? He has been so adamant about becoming president again after his first 4 years in office, but do his accomplishments overlook his failures? 


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