McCracken’s most mind blowing teacher


Makanda Rolfe, Staff Writer - The Mustang Messenger

McCracken County high school has a large arrangement of talented and personality-filled teachers, one of the most remarkable teachers in the opinions of the McCracken student would largely be considered to be Mrs. Wright, otherwise known as Rachel Wright. 

Mrs. Wright is one of McCracken’s history and psychology teachers. Wright went to college at the University of Kentucky, acquiring both a Master’s and Bachelor’s in education. She knew she wanted to be a teacher from a young age, however, she wasn’t certain in what field until she had officially started college and realized her love for history. One of her biggest encouragements as a teacher is being able to hold the ability to ignite passionate students to research their own interests. Wright likes to encourage students on their ongoing interests, as well as introduce them to things they may not know about, in the hopes of provoking passion. One of these topics she is most known for is introducing students to the problematic tendencies and unknown secrets of North Korea.

Despite the natural hardships of balancing her work and home life, Wright says that the ability to create meaningful relationships with students who may not have them at home is worth the difficulties and she looks forward to encouraging new students each upcoming year.