The Bob’s Burgers Movie Review

Elizabeth Young, Staff Writer - The Mustang Messenger

The hit animated comedy show, “Bob’s Burgers”, came out with a musical murder mystery movie that shows a unique string of events that only the Belcher children could stir up. 

Bob’s Burgers, made by Loren Bouchard, is based on a relatable, unique, middle-class family who owns a burger diner in Seymour’s Bay, New Jersey. The Belcher family consists of Bob, the father; Linda, the mother; Tina, the eldest daughter; Gene; the middle child; and Louise, the youngest. The Belcher family has a level of respect, love, and commodity for each other that other popular FOX shows, such as Family Guy, lack. Staying true to the show, the family’s rent is due and they’re struggling to make ends meet. Of course, catastrophe arises spiraling into a successful murder investigation led by the children. 

If you’re a fan of Bob’s Burgers, you’ll definitely enjoy the movie with little disappointment. The plot even answers some questions fans may have been wondering and provides more sentiment to aspects of the show. The animation style of the movie is slightly different from the show. Bouchard used 2D animation with 3D features, making the movie look slicker and more composed than a usual episode. The show is known for its quirky, original songs, however, this is overplayed in the movie. Not that the songs aren’t still original and quirky, but three of the four musical numbers seemed to drag out much longer than needed. While the movie lacks a theatrical experience, it’s still enjoyable because of the characters and family dynamic. 

Sophomore, Lauren Bogaczyk, has seen the movie three times. She watched it for the first time the day it came out with some friends at the local Cinemark. Her initial opinion was that she really enjoyed it, but she agreed that it felt like an episode.  Bogacyzk stated, “It literally felt like I paid 8 dollars to go watch an episode, but I love Bob’s Burgers so it was okay.” She explained that it was “fun entertainment” in the way that it was interesting enough to keep her entertained, but not too complex to follow. When asked if she would recommend the movie to others, her response was “Yes, no doubt.”