Owen Cody


Bree Downs, Staff Writer - The Mustang Messenger

Owen Cody, a junior at McCracken County Highschool, is aspiring to become something great. Being the vice president of the Young Democrats, he takes things into consideration and is always trying to find a solution. In his free time, Owen loves to play the piano and organ. He’s also a big fan of jazz. He even plays the organ and piano for his church sometimes. Recently Owen performed at The Voice, singing and playing the piano to the song, “New York State of Mind.”  He has a great deal of experience, for he has been practicing ever since he could remember. He likes to learn new facts, whether it’s about geography, history, astronomy, or anything else. When asked what his favorite class was, he stated, “Currently my favorite class is AP Calculus BC. It’s a very informative class, and I enjoy the content that we study.”  

With all the extracurriculars and important activities Owen does, he receives many opportunities. He is a part of the academic team and has been on it since elementary school. Being on the academic team for many years has let him grow more in his academic career by a multitude. It is beneficial for him because he learns more information and can gather more than he does in his regular classes.

After being asked what it feels like to participate in these activities, he said he feels a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, and urgency. He is impacted daily by his extracurricular activities because he is always bringing them into discussions and throwing out things that contribute to them.