Olivia Thompson: A Dance Star


Madison Davis, Staff Writer - The Mustang Messenger

Olivia Thompson loves to read, write, and theater but her main passion is dancing. Olivia has been dancing ever since she was nine years old. She can be described as determined and that determination has led her to be one of the best on our Mccracken dance team. It all started in the 4th grade when she saw dancers at a music/art festival and said it looked fun, her mom knew right away that it was the right sport for her and signed her up. Now, she is a senior on the dance team and says that making the team was one of her most valuable memories. “Dancing makes me feel alive, it’s freeing and a great way to express your emotions,” Olivia states. Her biggest inspiration is the music itself. She says that just from listening to a certain beat, she can picture a dance to it in her head. Dance is more than just an extracurricular activity, it’s a form of art, to her dance can tell a story. Her goal for this year is to place high at nationals. After she graduates she doesn’t see dance as a career, she states she wouldn’t enjoy dance as much if she made a career out of it. Olivia still sees dance in her life though, just recreationally and not competitively.