Flaws In Modern Day High School

High School Graduate Talks About The School System.


Matthew Lee, Staff Writer- The Mustang Messenger

High School in today’s day and age seems to be flawed, or at least that’s what this student at the University of Kentucky thinks. This high school graduate was asked a few questions about the school system and teachers in today’s time. Before the interview began, the individual asked to remain anonymous. 

First, Anon was asked about the school system. Was it full or weak?

“It’s flawed, to say the least,” Anon states.

Teachers are a big part of any school. Anon was asked about the teachers they had, good or bad.

“Most teachers took themselves too seriously, in a bad way. They think their high school chemistry class is the most important thing in the world and it’s just not.” Anon explains.

Following the last question, Anon was asked if there was a way teachers could improve or change from this. A way to become overall better leaders for the school and their students.

“They shouldn’t paint themselves super superior or important, they should just be down to Earth and connect with their students,” Anon tells.

High school is the gateway to college or “the real world”, so Anon was asked, “How well did high school prepare you for college?”

“In all honesty, it didn’t. All of high school was, was a big pile of work that did not contribute to my life in any way. Most of it, anyway.”

Before the interview wrapped up, Anon was asked if there was something else they’d like to add.

“Yes, just one last thing. The food serving sizes need to be seriously readjusted, federally. Kids get hungry. 90% of the meals the schools serve is not enough to keep students hungry, especially when you consider that could possibly be the only meal they might eat that day. The extra servings should be free, too, but that’s an entirely different issue.”

After the interview, the individual was thanked for their time and important words. This was what a college student thinks of the current high school system. Flawed? Do teachers take themselves too seriously? They don’t prepare their students for college?  Food servings are not enough to feed kids? All these issues seem too true in our modern-day school system.