Why Healthcare Should Be Free

Healthcare is a human right.


Matthew Lee, Staff Writer - The Mustang Messenger

Healthcare is a human right. Lack of healthcare has contributed to over 40,000 deaths in the U.S.. Some doctors agree that they have the technology and resources to treat patients, but only if they come to the doctor’s office, which many do not due to astronomical prices of treatment and medication. Over 100 million Americans struggle to afford healthcare and many believe they don’t get the amount of treatment or help they pay for, like it’s a huge scam.

Many haven’t gotten medication in months due to high prices, haven’t gone to the doctor’s in months due to high prices and would not be able to afford high caliber care if they needed it in a moment’s notice. An anonymous student says, “Healthcare deserves to be free.” This student has lost a close family member due to lack of healthcare and it has also affected some of their other family members’ health as they could not afford the medication with it being “1,000 per pill”. This student was asked, “Do you think healthcare is a human right?” They responded with, “Of course. Everyone needs healthcare but since the prices are so high, almost no one ends up going to the doctors, and that causes a lot of people to not get the urgent care they need.” The indivual was also asked, “Is there any reason healthcare should not be free?”. They answered with, “Not really. There are several other countries that have free healthcare.” This is indeed true. The U.S. seems to be one of the only countries in the developed world that lacks a system of free healthcare. Out of a few countries like Egypt and Pakistan, the United States is the most notable country without healthcare, though, all countries deserve universal healthcare, fore it is a human right!