The Lovely Lauren Bogaczyk


Elizabeth Young, Staff Writer - The Mustang Messenger

If you’ve ever noticed a stinky stench or some fart noises while in the bathroom, there’s a good chance Lauren Bogaczyk is in the stall next to you. Lauren Bogaczyk, pronounced (bo-gah-chick), is a 16 year old sophomore at McCracken County High School who is no stranger to the downtown scene of Paducah, Kentucky. Without doubt Lauren will always find a way and a ride to go grab a coffee at Etcetera, scavenge antique shops, or go support a local band at Paducah Beer Werks latest show.

“Your mom” is number one on Bogaczyk’s list of accomplishments. Number two? Probably being pulled on stage to play bass with Bass Amp and Dano, a punk band from St. Louis. She says that her dad, friends, and music has helped her get into most of her interests. In her free time, Lauren goes to Etcetera, Parcel’s Park, Allen Music, or just outside for a good time. She spends most of her time with her best friends: Abbey Brown, Jane Walsh, and Nora Brown. Bogaczyk stated, “If I can find a ride I will go”. 



Lauren after dropping her cake at her 16th birthday party.