Ava Minor


Kaitlyn Wildoner, Staff Writer- The Mustang Messenger

Ava Minor is a fifteen-year-old sophomore at MCHS. She is a part of the Mane Tale yearbook staff, which also happens to be her favorite part of school. She loves music, poetry, and movies. Some of her most beloved artists are Wallows, The Regrettes, Phoebe Bridgers, and Tyler The Creator. When asked to name her top three favorite movies, she said they are Juno, Easy A, and The Duff. If every one of her favorites were mentioned, this article would go on indefinitely.

 Ava is a very charismatic person. She is loved by all who meet her because of her down-to-earth personality. With her, what you see is what you get. She has quite a few friends, but one specifically she’d like to mention. Jamari Crumble has been her best friend since kindergarten. She says that he’s the one person who has been with her since elementary school.

“I can literally tell him everything. He’ll always be on my side,” she says.

She wants to go be famous. If you’ve ever met her, you wouldn’t be surprised. She aspires to be in a band or a solo artist one day. Music has helped her through so many things, and she would love to make music that can do the same thing for others. She says that if that doesn’t go through, she would want to go to fashion school in New York. One of her most cherished artists is Billie Eilish. 

“She helped me through such a dark time in middle school. When I felt alone I just listened to her music,” she says. Ava would love to meet her favorite artists. She has traveled to quite a few places, but the most memorable for her was Georgia because of how beautiful it was.