Mccracken County High School Sweeps District Tournament

Mccracken County High School Sweeps District Tournament

Hayden Holloway, Staff Writer

The district tournament is the first step to getting to state every year for basketball. Each year the district tournament is hosted at a different high school for each district. This year it was hosted at Mccracken County High School.


There are a couple of schools in the district that Mccracken is in. These schools play against each other every year in the post season to represent our district in the regional tournament. These schools compete over the course of four days. These schools are: Mccracken County, St.Mary, CCA, and Paduccah Tilghman. 


The schedule this year was Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. On Monday, Mccracken played CCA for a win. The boys and the girls both beat the opposing team by a great score. The girls especially stood out, scoring almost 100 points in their game against CCA.  One girl said she felt “so happy”, while another said “ecstatic.”  The girls played CCA as their season opener and came very close to scoring 100 points in that game as well. The girls and boys won their games on Monday and, because of this moved, onto the district championship. 


The next games played were on Tuesday, Where St. Mary and Paducah Tilghman had their matchup. The Tilghman boys blew St.Mary’s team out of the water, advancing them to the district championship to play the McCracken boys. The tilghman girls also won their game and advanced to the championship to play Mccracken. 


The day the district championships came around, you could feel the excitement in the air. Everyone was eerily excited for the games about to come Thursday night. The girls played first. It was a great game. Excitement was in the air. Both teams played their hearts out and it was a great game. Unfortunately for the Tilghman girls, their season ended that night losing to the Mccracken girls. The girls therefore advance to the regional tournament with their competitor undecided. The girls have very strong feelings about winning their championship game. Mikee Buchanan, a junior at Mccracken, said “as a team we are happy that we won districts. It is our 8th straight district title, so that is exciting as a program.” Jordan Bufford, a senior at MCHS said “ Districts felt good, we were all happy and it was a free ticket to regionals.” 


The boys game came after the girls game. The crowds were so suspenseful, you could tell they were ready for this game to start. The Tilghman and Mccracken boys have had close games all season. The Mccracken boys beat Tilghman in their first game at home. The second game was homecoming night at Paducah Tilghman and the Mccracken boys lost. Everyone knew this game for the championship was going to be close. The game was a great one. It was close the entire night. Both teams played very hard and aggressive with lots of fouls called during the game. The end of the game was tight. In the end however, the Mccracken boys ended up winning with a score of 53-42. The Mccracken boys would end up moving on to the regional tournament as well, with their competitor undecided.