Finn Palmer


Kaitlyn Wildoner, Staff Writer- The Mustang Messenger

Finn Palmer is a sixteen-year-old junior at McCracken County High School. He was a part of the cross-country team for five years and the track team for three. He just recently quit this year because he hit all of his goals and decided to focus on working instead. His biggest accomplishment during track was when he got first place in his heat of the mile during regionals in 2022. He now works at Walmart and has since December of 2022. 

His most common pass time is listening to music, and specifically the Beatles. His favorite song by them is Something. He also enjoys listening to Weezer and Tenacious D. Not only does he love listening to music, but also watching movies. He says that everyone needs to watch The VelociPastor at least once. It’s a very memorable movie, and any time Finn hears that someone knows of that movie, he’s automatically more respectful of them. He loves Los Amigos’ chicken, cheese, and rice, and that is his favorite place to eat. He would also like to point out that his favorite celebrity is Whoopi Goldberg. Most of the things he loves are slightly controversial, and although Finn has many things that he favors, there’s also one thing he hates: Uncrustables.

“They are simply disgusting,” he says plainly.  

To understand Finn on an even deeper level than his favorite sandwich and odd movies, he was asked some more heartfelt questions. He says that his mom has made the most significant impact on him and his life as a whole. When asked what drives him to work hard, he says his girlfriend and his mom. One of his life dreams is to go to college and have a family one day. Finding somewhere to go to school and raise a family shouldn’t be hard because he has been to so many places. If anyone knows their way around the world, it’s Finn Palmer. The most memorable for him are Boston, Massachusetts, and New York City. He hopes to live in a big city when he’s an adult and get as far away from a country lifestyle as possible. He has his parents to thank for all of the traveling experiences, and expectantly more to come. He has also been to Yellowstone, Wyoming, which is famous for its beautiful views.