Madisyn Burrows

Dream Chaser


Makanda Rolfe, Staff Writer- The Mustang Messenger

The nursing field is constantly full of positions that need to be filled. The field’s current projection of job growth, or demand, for future Registered Nurses in the United States is 9% from 2020 to 2030. Recently, the need for nurses and doctors has increased majorly with the aging population and the spread of the coronavirus. This has caused significant difficulty for nursing schools and graduates to keep up with how high the demand is. 

McCracken County’s 16-year-old sophomore, Madisyn Nicole Burrows, is hoping that she will play a part in helping the world reach its demand for nurses and help people in need. Burrows wants to specifically into Pediatric Neurology, which encompasses disorders of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerve, and muscles affecting infants, children, and adolescence. She wants to go into this specific field because as a child she went through seizures and the help she received from the doctors and staff at Norton’s Children’s Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky inspired her. 


For similar reasons as most people in the medical field, Burrows hopes that she can help children overcome their illness and “live a better life than they may have before coming to me.” Charismatic personality traits and passion are a need when it comes to jobs like these and Madisyn absolutely has the necessary requirements. She believes herself to be an open-minded, driven individual who’s ready to do what it takes to succeed. 


Burrows already has experience in the field of helping others as she is currently working for a private facility for the elderly and is taking classes at McCracken County High School in order to achieve her dream of becoming a Pediatric Neurologist. She is in the process of completing the Medical Pathway at McCracken and has taken, or is currently taking, courses in Principles of Health Science, Medical Terminology, Emergency Procedures, Sports Med, Nurse Aid, and Principles of Biomedical Science, while she is excited and prepared to take Phlebotomy, Medical Assisting, and Medical Math.


Some more steps Burrows is taking to succeed in this career that makes her so determined is how often she studies, when not at work, Burrows studies 3 days a week, typically most on Sundays so she can eventually reach her goal of going to the John Hopkins University in Baltimore University, one of the biggest schools in medical education. While Burrows doesn’t currently have a fund saved up for college, she does participate in KEYS money and has been saving it.