Should Sleeping Be Allowed In Class?


Abigail A Childers, Staff Writer - The Mustang Messenger

Sleep is the most vital thing to be successful in your school day. Most students do not get the adequate amount of sleep needed each night to be energized in the class room. Statistics from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that 6 out of 10 (57.8%) students do not get their needed amount of sleep each night.

Often times, teachers will be blabbing on for 45 minutes about a subject you probably do not care anything about. If a student is already exhausted from the lack of sleep they got , then it can be very difficult for them not to lay their head down and sleep. If they do not sleep , they will not be as attentive , therefore , they will not remember the material they are being taught in class. This can lead to failure with grades and start problems with teachers and parents.

Many teachers will jump to immediately waking a sleeping child up and giving them a punishment for falling asleep. However , if teachers took the approach of making sure the student is okay first , and then going from there. If the sleeping problem only occurs once or twice every couple weeks , then it is not the end of the world that the student is tired and cannot physically stay awake. If the student is doing this every day , then a talk with the student might be in order to make sure their home life allows them to get sleep and their basic needs.

The approach that many teachers take when teaching can influence a child to fall asleep or get very sleepy in class. When the teacher is not direct in their teaching and not interactive with their class, then students tend to veer off and end up snoozing in class. It is important that the teacher be attentive with each individual student in their class ; this can increase students brain activity and encourage them to learn even when they are tired.

Overall , the occasional nap in class can be needed and sometimes, the only sleep a kid might get in those 24 hours. Teachers and Administrators being understanding of this and encouraging care for yourself can greatly benefit some students. Sometimes, it is not that a child just stayed up playing video games, but their home life that does not allow them sleep. Sleeping is a vital part of life and can help students with academic, social and mental success.