Why Popeyes Is The Best Fast Food

Why Popeyes Is The Best Fast Food

Popeyes is without a doubt one of the best fast food restaurants out there right now. But is it the best? In this article, find out why Popeyes is without a doubt the greatest of all fast food places. Some of the reasons why Popeyes is superior to choices like KFC or Wendy’s is because of the flavor of their chicken, the spicy mashed potatoes, and just overall satisfaction with the meal. Their chicken is just not something you can find at any other fast food restaurant in current times. Simply unparalleled.

The chicken of any fast food restaurant, other than Popeyes of course, is already pretty rough. But compared to Popeyes? It seems like it’s food for sewer rats. What makes the chicken at Popeyes so good is that it’s masterfully fried. Not that some other places don’t fry their chicken, it’s just that Popeyes has perfected it. The oil they use is also what gives it its flavor, crunch and crisp. Wendy’s chicken is stale and too hard not only compared to Popeyes, but just in general. Burger King’s chicken, well, they should’ve just stuck to their name. Chick-Fil-A is a worthy contender. Good sauce and decent chicken is great, but it can’t compare to Popeyes’s masterful chicken, nice fries, and just have mashed potatoes

Speaking of the mashed potatoes, they are definitely a big reason I always go back to Popeyes. Plain alone, but with the spice of the gravy, it’s top tier. Mashed potatoes at other places like KFC compared to Popeyes are dry and nasty. Not only are they plainer than plain, the gravy is nasty and just does not taste any good at all. Since KFC is the only other fast food place that really serves mashed potatoes as a side, and not giving much competition, the Popeyes potatoes really just take the potato cake here.

Many McCracken County High School students love Popeyes as well. Some students, like this anonymous sophomore, say “Popeyes is amazing. Very nice food.” Some students, like this freshman, have more to say such as “Popeyes serves brilliantly fried chicken and their biscuits are made with perfection.” Even seniors enjoy Popeyes, “Popeyes is definitely my go to fast food place whenever I’m hungry.” As you can see, MCHS loves Popeyes.

As said in the quote from the anonymous freshman, Popeyes has great biscuits. Most fast food biscuits are rushed and end up being hard, cold or both. Now Popeye’s biscuits are different. Not only are they soft, but they go great with the mashed potatoes and are extremely tasty.

Something not as important as the rest but a nice cherry on top is the sauces. Though they have some popular sauces like ranch, BBQ and ketchup, which isn’t a bad thing, they also have more obscure sauces like tartar. It seems in every possible department, Popeyes wins, no matter what it’s up against. Popeyes is not only top tier fast food, but it’s also just really great in general.