The United States of Us: A Playlist

Selaney Yancey, Junior Editor

We, as a nation, are living in a time that will be written into history books. The cracks in our country’s foundation have been revealed. There are borders being built in places they should have disintegrated long ago, there are broken hearts in our streets and fear is a topic at the very forefront of our brains. There is a vein of anger running through our stars and stripes. People are shouting so loud over one another that we are forgetting to listen. Regardless of what you believe or who you are, we must all remember that we are human. This country belongs to all of us, and to start building it up, we have to come together, seek compassion, search to understand and hear the cries of the voices that have been silenced. We are equal.

Us and Them:  Pink Floyd

Freedom: Pharrell Williams

Waiting On The World To Change: John Mayer

Revolution: The Beatles

Road To Joy: Bright Eyes

The Times are A-Changin: Bob Dylan

My Shot: Hamilton The Musical

Alright: Kendrick Lamar

Waste: Foster The People

We All Belong: Dr. Dog

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