A Letter From the Editor – November 2016


Raegan Archer, Editor-in-Chief & Design Editor

Dear Readers:

In this edition of The Mustang Messenger, we are starting a new rating system to go along with our reviews. We hope this provides a better all-over rating of the books, movies, albums, etc. our writers’ reviews. For our rating system, we have decided to rate on a scale from 1-5 Mr. Ceglinskis (1 being worst, 5 being best). We have Mr. Ceglinski’s full permission, but I would like to clarify that any and all ratings containing the cutout graphic of Mr. Ceglinski’s face under an article with a writer’s name specifically stated, are in no way representative of Mr. Ceglinski’s personal opinion on the topic of the review.

Hopefully our wonderful rating system, complete with a graphic of Mr. Ceglinski’s face, will provide you with the correct insight as to whether going to see Zootopia is worth your time and money or if you really should buy that Drake album for your grandma’s birthday (hint: you shouldn’t).


Raegan Archer