Mid-Year Madness

Mid-Year Madness

Kaitlyn Craig, Messenger Reporter, Columnist & Human Interest Coordinator

The middle of the school year is a very stressful time. You’re trying to get your grades in good shape for all of your classes (especially the semester ones), you have to get everything ready for the upcoming holiday season, and (most importantly) you have to try and keep your spirits up so the rest of the school year isn’t miserable. Sometimes you need a little umph to push you through the middle of the year rut that can sometimes set in.

In the beginning of the school year, everyone is excited to see each other again, and they usually are even excited to start their classes. And at the end of the year, everyone is excited for the upcoming summer vacation. But when you are in that time in the middle, from November – March, you can feel a little over the whole getting up early and going to school situation. But there are some things you can do to help avoid that from happening. One of these things is taking a small amount of time every day to think about something positive that happened to you that day. This will remind you that it isn’t all negative and that you have things to look forward to all the time. They may not all be breaks off from school, but they are still things that help you get through if you just realize that they are there.

Another thing that can help you get through the middle of the year rut is just taking things one day at a time. Looking at things from a larger standpoint can sometimes be very overwhelming. Taking things one day at a time can help relieve stress, which can also keep you from feeling like you are stuck in a rut. This tip is a major one to help dig yourself out of or avoid completely, the rut that sits in the middle of the school year.

Finally, probably the most difficult thing to accomplish that could get you through the middle of the year is looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. This can be very difficult to do, because a lot of the time you may not even realize that there is a light to look for. Looking back at the positive things that happened to you can also help you discover the positive things coming your way. Looking for the light at the end of the tunnel will make the middle of the year stretch feel a lot shorter than it actually is.

The middle of the school year can be a hard time for someone to get through. But if you follow these few tips, you can get through this time without feeling like you are going to go crazy. Keep looking toward the positive, and the school year will be a breeze.