8 Gift Ideas for Someone Who “Doesn’t Want Anything”


Makenzie Adams, Messenger Reporter & Social Media Manager

  1. A pair of plain white socks. Not a whole package of socks, just one pair.

     2. Their least favorite candy. They hate orange slices? Get them 10 bags of orange slices.

     3. A t-shirt with your face on it. They won’t be able to forget who it was from… or regift it.

     4. A box of tissues. For when they cry over the presents they would have received if they had just told you what they wanted.

     5. Meatloaf. Especially if they don’t like meatloaf.

     6. A brick. When my sister was younger, she wanted 3 bricks from Santa, but I don’t know anyone else that would really want a brick.

     7. A gift card/cash. Just in case you were feeling a little nice. Also a good option for if you just forgot to get them a present.

     8. A card that says, “Sorry I’m an awful friend/relative and have no idea what to get you for Christmas because I’m uncreative.” Self explanatory… and honest.