How We Should Measure Greatness

How We Should Measure Greatness

Reese Guill, Messenger Reporter

Greatness has suddenly been redefined in the whole sports world. Many people believe that to truly be great, you need multiple world championships and many other career awards. If that were the case, Robert Horry would be better at basketball than Michael Jordan. People would say that because Robert Horry has 7 NBA championships while Michael Jordan has only 6 NBA championships.


For many people that is what separates LeBron James from Michael Jordan. As of right now, LeBron only has 3 NBA championships. It appears that he will still win a lot more by the time his career is over. If LeBron can win 4 more championships in the rest of his career then I will give credit to him as the greatest basketball player to walk the earth. But that is only if he can pull off 4 more championships, which is very hard to do. In the NFL this debate is very prevalent as well.


I strongly believe that Andrew Luck is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, but not many people have the same beliefs as me. They do not believe he is a great quarterback, because of the rest of the team he plays with. The front office of the Indianapolis Colts have done a terrible job of satisfying the future of their franchise they have in Andrew Luck. The Colts need to acquire a better offensive line and needs to acquire a great running back. If the Colts do those things, then maybe people will eventually start to give Andrew Luck the praise he desperately deserves to be given. In the NFL, 3 quarterbacks have the most Super Bowl wins with 4.


Tom Brady, Terry Bradshaw, and Joe Montana. As much as I hate to say it, Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback in NFL history. Not only does he have the most super bowl wins, but he has consistently put up amazing statistics every year. He is consistently the best quarterback in the NFL every year. Every year his team, the New England Patriots are one of the best teams if not the best team in the NFL. So this is how we should measure greatness. You can not just look solely at how many championships a player has won or how many games they have won, you have to also look upon their body of work.


LeBron James has been quoted as saying that Allen Iverson is “pound-for-pound the greatest basketball player”, he said that because Allen Iverson was 6’0 tall and he played like he was at least 6’5. But no one really considers him as being one of the greatest basketball players because he never won an NBA championship. Looking into a player’s body of work also goes into looking how they were able to do with the teammates they had. Going back to Andrew Luck, his teammates are the worst. The only reason that the Colts are somewhat good is because Andrew Luck singlehandedly carries the Colts.