Ms. Grief September, 2016

Kaitlyn Craig, Messenger Reporter, Columnist & Social Media Manager

It is no surprise that we have a lot of talented people here at McCracken County High School. We all know the students who are constantly busy while maintaining good grades and involve themselves in things outside of school. Yet, the people we don’t really put focus on is our amazing faculty who also possess some valuable talents. One of those amazingly talented faculty members is Ms. Grief, our school librarian.


Anyone who has gone into the library here looking for book recommendations, they know that Ms. Grief can give you several recommendations just by asking you what you are interested in. Something that people may not know about Ms. Grief is that she had been the President of the School Library Association for a couple years ago. She is the head of over 8,000 librarians from across the nation and attends a variety of conferences and speaks at different events.


Thanks to her dedication and talent, Ms. Grief was recently given the major honor of being nominated to be the President of the whole Library Association. This is a huge deal, because out of all the librarians, they unanimously chose to nominate her. If elected, she will have to step down as our librarian and go work full time in that position. This opportunity that she could earn would also allow her to travel to many different places for free. When asked about how much of an honor being nominated was, Ms. Grief replied, “It is honestly unbelievable, school librarians have always set themselves apart from the other side of the organization because we think the kids are more important than the library itself, and we feel that librarians in schools are very important. For the rest of the organization to recognize we are important to society means a lot.”


She feels that all of her hard work for the past twenty-eight years is paying off in a big way. When running against other people nominated, others might get discouraged, or feel that they don’t really have a chance. But Ms. Grief says that, “You have to keep a positive outlook. I know the odds aren’t great, but I truly feel that it is my time.” She feels confident that she has a solid shot in being elected for this position.


The process for being chosen is not unlike the presidential election. You must have a campaign team, perform different campaigning efforts, and try to convince the other people in the association that you are the right person to be the president. Ms. Grief mentioned that she is putting together her campaign team, and they are going to decide which efforts would be the most effective. She is communicating with people all over the country to help her make the best campaign possible.
This is a huge honor, and Ms. Grief has worked very hard towards being the best librarian she can be. She has a passion for her students, and for helping them become the best they can be. She is finally being recognized for her hard work, and because of all the hard work she has done for us here at McCracken, we should stand behind her and support her through this long, stressful process of campaigning. She has given us her love and support, now it is our turn as Mustang Nation to do the same.