Micheal Jackson’s “Thriller”


Kolby Wring, Staff Writer - The Mustang Messenger

Michael Jackson’s album “Thriller” is a phenomenal album. After listening to all nine tracks you simply can’t resist falling in love with the rhythm and Michael’s voice as it is out of this world. It has many pop classics such as “Beat it,” “Billie jean,” and of course “Thriller.” It’s no surprise that the seven singles produced from this album made it to the Billboard hot 100, not to mention the creativity that went into tracks like “Baby Be Mine,” “P.Y.T,” and “Human Nature” or the genius of having guitar legend Eddie Van Halen play the guitar solo on “Beat it.”

You also can’t forget the talented chorus on songs like “Baby be mine”, “P.Y.T” and “Beat it”. The album was a commercial success and rightfully so, in fact, it went straight to number one on Billboard’s top LPs. Although it was released in 1982 by the end of 1983 it became the best-selling album of all time, a title that is still held to this very day. But upon dissecting the song “Thriller” we hear this upbeat, innovative, energetic tune having a techno beat due to the synthesizer, coupled with its music video it remains a classic tune in everyone’s head.

In contrast this “Beat it” starts off with a foreboding, almost haunting thumping noise only to have an explosive intro from Eddie Van Halen bringing an unbridled sense of fury into this track. This track also has an unforgettable chorus backing up MJ. Another incredible moment is when MJ yells his signature “hehe” closing out yet another of his legendary songs.  “Wanna be startin’ somethin’” which has a heavy synthesizer and bass guitar providing the basis of this track and a group of trumpets giving it a disco vibe of sorts along with it being a great song to dance to. Another part of it worth noting is how MJ makes his voice versatile when he sings “You just want to be starting something” the funky instrumental gap is soon filled by a vibrant chorus to bring this tune to an end. But unlike “Beat it” Micheal embraces the “hehe” and has no hesitation to belt it out.

When I heard P.Y.T. I had to listen closely to dissect it. But it didn’t take too long to find a catchy hook with the jangly guitar intro soon followed by Micheal’s soft vocals before it develops into a dance tune. I also found how invigorating the “PYT” is with an electronic chorus of sorts along with the “na na na” part as well. But I believe the fading outro with another electronic voice is the most memorable part. Following this is “The Girl is Mine” a duet MJ did with Paul McCartney which has a magical feel to it with both the carefree guitar and uplifting synthesizer that instills an embrace to the reader along with how the passion in not only Micheal’s but also Paul’s voice as well as if you were there witnessing them vying for the same girl.

The final song is “Billie Jean”  it starts off with a memorable drum beat and this hypnotic synthesizer that has an everlasting presence throughout the song. The best part of this I’d have to say is when he says “She claims that I am the one” and we hear this rapid guitar mini-solo of sorts that compliments the emotion you can hear in Micheal’s voice. This concludes Micheal Jackson’s 1982 album “Thriller” and I have to rank it 5/5 stars for versatility, memorability, and longevity.