“Bluebird” : reflecting on one’s masculinity

“Bluebird” : reflecting on ones masculinity

Delaney Green, Staff Writer - The Mustang Messenger

“Bluebird” is a raw, melancholic poem written by Charles Bukowski in 1992 that heartens many people and writers to this day. All throughout, it uses a metaphor comparing his hidden sense of vulnerability (in an otherwise tough, hard-shelled world) to a bluebird. Bukowski was a popular German-American poet, known for his many works that discuss the real-world adversity of human life. This piece is brilliant for its emotional pull and its relatability.

    One element that makes this poem so captivating is how real and relatable it is. Many can see some components of themselves reflected in the piece, especially those navigating the complexities of “maturity.” Many men, like Bukowski, also go through life being continually told the importance of keeping a “manly” disposition. Bukowski faces the internal conflict of what manliness really is. His external display vastly differs from his innermost vulnerability. This is something that resonates with many, from all walks of life. Whether the reader is an authoritative businessman or a meager teenage boy, they are likely to find something personally relatable within the margins. “Most adults don’t seem to talk about it too much, but there definitely is a push for being harder-hearted than the majority of us really are.” a literary review podcaster stated.

    “Bluebird” also does a wonderful job of pulling on the readers’ emotions. It shows a hidden side of our character’s life and how his decisions afflict him. It evokes sympathy and causes the reader to feel what the author is feeling. Seeing these emotions symbolically depicted as a sentient being (rather than a non-physical concept) makes it easier to feel more connected with the writer’s message. “The usage of metaphors can help a reader comprehend things in a more visual way.” an anonymous author commented.

    Overall, this piece is an enthralling demonstration of under-spoken struggles with the vulnerability of the adult man. “Bluebird” is a universally relatable poem that shines a light on the sensitive side of people and how toughness being made an internalized priority can break people down from the inside. One reviewer stated, “Some poems feel as though they were taken straight from the roots of your own deepest feelings. For me, this work will always be Bukowski’s “Bluebird.”