Music For a Sushi Restaurant : Ick or Sick?


Delaney Green, Staff Writer - The Mustang Messenger

Earlier this week Harry Styles released the music video for his hit song Music For a Sushi Restaurant. The video quickly gained popularity, reaching over 10 million views in only a few days. Since its release, there has been lots of controversy among fans involving the video. Considering his great popularity it can be tricky to voice an opinion on such a controversial topic, but I am going to tell you why I found it to be a disaster. With all due respect to Harry’s creativity, I have just as much respect for him as the next progressive-minded teen girl, but this music video simply was not doing it for me. 

To summarize the video, Harry is a half-man-half-squid creature in a restaurant kitchen. It seems he is being groomed and dressed up to perform. He sings for a group of people while laying across a piano and then looks over to realize that he is about to be killed and cooked. The randomly inserted clips of raw meat being chopped and massaged disgusted me. The visuals were off-putting and made me want to run for the nearest trash can. Truthfully, I had a hard time even finishing the video. Many fans overall have stated that the music video does not fit the feeling of the song and only creates more confusion. Even my close friend, who is a huge fan of Harry, stated that she was sort of disgusted and generally confused by the music video.

As an artist, I try to appreciate self-expression and understand artistic approaches, but personally, I just couldn’t grasp any meaning behind it. Harry is a talented artist whom I believe has loads of creativity,  but I was just not impressed this time. I recommend you take a look at the video and decide for yourself what you think. Is it a sick expression of his wild creativity or did it give you the ick too?