Inflation: Finally Deflating


Delaney Green, Staff Writer - The Mustang Messenger

President Biden announced he will be working toward lowering gas inflation prices by investing in an oil release. He announced this while speaking at an event in the White House Roosevelt Room on October 19, 2022. He is planning on paying for 15 million barrels of petroleum which will go to the oil reserve; this will ideally lower national oil prices. In explaining his hopes to lower the prices, Biden stated, “They’re not falling fast enough.”. He explained that these high prices are affecting families and how action needs to be taken to fix it. Biden also mentioned wanting to invest in more oil releases this winter in order to keep prices down. This part is not yet completely planned out; it is only an idea for the future.

McCracken student Jaiden Herzog confided in me her concerns for our country’s financial dilemma. “Students and parents have been so worried about going from point A to B with the inflation right now. My parents are so stressed out all I’ve heard them talk about is gas and inflation. I hope something changes really soon. It’s been a roller coaster ride with how prices rise and drop every day. I mean- everyone and their neighbors are struggling with money right now.”