The Voice Returns To McCracken County High


Rae Hobbs, Staff Writer - The Mustang Messenger

It’s that time of year again when McCracken County High presents The Voice. Much like the award-winning tv show, The Voice is a singing competition. The competition is set up much like the show on NBC. The Competition will start with blind auditions where the judges will not be able to see the contestants until they turn around in their chairs. From there, contestants compete for their teams until only one singer remains, and they are named The Voice of McCracken. The Voice acts as both a display for some of the top singers in our school, as well as a major fundraiser for the seniors every year.  Mrs. Thompson, one of our librarians, explained the process. “So we just ask students for auditions, we collect the auditions, and then I get a committee of faculty together with score sheets. Then I play the auditions so they can’t see them, and all they can hear is the voice. Then the top sixteen scores move forward.” So why should students attend the voice, or even apply? Mrs. Thompson additionally explained that the sales of tickets are the major funding for project graduation for the seniors. Tickets will be sold in the library, and are typically around five dollars each. 

An Anonymous contestant provided insight into how and why they decided to participate in the competition. The first major question that was necessary to ask was why did they decide to audition to be one of the contestants in the first place? The contestant happily expressed that “It’s a fun way to volunteer at school, and very fun to be in competitions.” The song chosen is additionally a major part of the process, and can ultimately make or break an audition based on how it suits one’s voice. “I chose this song because it represents how even when you’re at your lowest you can push through.” The contestant went on to explain how they were drawn to music as a whole, and what caused them to want it to be part of their life. “4 years ago! I learned I had a talent and decided to go to singing classes and I haven’t done anything to do with it recently.” When asked how they learned about the competition they explained that they had heard about it from friends, as well as the morning announcements played in their first-period class.

The tickets for the first round will go on sale on December second and can be purchased at the school’s library from one of the librarians. Typically tickets sell out rather quickly, in some cases in less than a week, so make sure to grab them while you can. All ticket sales go towards funding events for seniors such as the senior dinner, project graduation, and even graduation itself. It offers a chance to cheer for classmates, fund the seniors, and present previously unknown talent to the students and teachers! So cheer on your classmates, because this is The Voice.