Uruguay FIFA Players Charged With Offensive Behavior

Delaney Green, Staff Writer - The Mustang Messenger

As of last week, FIFA World Cup Uruguay soccer team players are facing charges of offensive behavior and misconduct. Discourse is arising among soccer fans on the internet. What confused many fans was the fact that the team won the game 2-0 before even raging. So if the team had already won the game, what would lead to the incursion? This is what we will be trying to uncover. 

To quickly recap, according to a FOX Soccer report, members of the team grabbed and “followed game officials into the tunnel after the final whistle”. FIFA also stated that the team is also facing an “extra charge of discrimination”, but provided no further details. As far as we know from this last week’s game in Ghana, the team scored a win, was going for a third point, missed, and decided to break out in anger; but what could have caused the outbreak?


The Uruguay team (due to their win against Ghana) was to play South Korea in the upcoming game. Scoring three points would have given them an upper hand, gaining the favor of those who were going to be watching the next game. To recap the event, AP News stated, “Late in Uruguay’s 2-0 win over Ghana, chasing a third goal that would have swung the goal differential tiebreaker to advance their favor over south Korea, Uruguay striker Edinson Cavani was tripped up in the 18-yd area, but no penalty was awarded.”


Most fans aren’t too surprised considering the typical angry behavior of sports fans and players in times like this. When interviewed, McCracken student Gannon Turner stated, “Sports take over people’s emotions and make them act out. I think that’s why the team got so physical.”


Uruguay players will be facing punishments, but the further actions are undefined.