The Price Bump At The Pump

The Price Bump At The Pump

Rae Hobbs, Staff Writer - The Mustang Messenger


While in recent days the prices of gasoline have decreased greatly, for the past several month’s prices have hung around $4 per gallon. The most common excuse for the prices is that the president wants the prices high, or the oil companies just want to get as much money as physically possible. Regardless of who the subject is, the most common excuse is that someone with money and power wants even more. Regardless of who gets the money, these prices affect everyone in one way or another.
Lexy Coursey, a former McCracken County High student who currently lives in Washington State, had insight on the gas prices on that side of the country. Coursey has been driving for seven years, and mainly drives home and to her job as a secretary. “I used to be able to fill up my gas tank for about $30, but due to increases it’s about $50+.” Coursey expressed that while she only has to fill up twice a month the cost of gas is a severe problem. “Increases are a problem because (like with general inflation here at least) our pay/wages aren’t increasing along with pricing. You are having to pay more for less gas than you were previously getting.” Additionally, she expressed that the gas tax is said to rise from forty-nine cents per gallon to ninety-five cents per gallon.

On this side of the country gas prices are also typically appalling. Sarah Penrod, a Senior at McCracken expressed that gas prices are a massive problem. Sarah stated that she has been driving for over two years now, and typically drives from Reidland to the school, and then either to work or to a local horse barn. “I get gas once a week, typically every 300 miles. It typically costs about $35-$40 when it’s fully empty.” Sarah was asked why she thought gas prices are what they are, and had this to say. “ Gas prices are typically highest in the summer because people are traveling more. This past year it was around the summer when it got up to $4. Gas prices are so problematic because they are unaffordable. People have to drive to get what they need, people have to go to work to pay for their families and pay to live and when they can’t afford those gas prices they are basically having to deprive themselves of basic necessities just to get another need. I think they cost what they do for big corporations and just those with a higher power. They cost what they do so the rich people can get richer. If they really cared about lower classes, they would lower them and I’m sure that wouldn’t take much. She additionally expressed that she understands that some fuels are becoming harder to obtain, but there are always alternatives.

After additional research, it can be understood that the price of gasoline is determined on a global scale. Crude oil is a commodity that countries want all around the world. The prices dropped during the pandemic because there were fewer people out driving and needing to refuel. Currently, gas prices have skyrocketed as Russia (one of the top three crude oil producers) invades Ukraine, Russia makes a large portion of its funding via oil sales to other countries. That being said, the president has affected the pricing of gas in a few ways. The first being, when stimulus checks were sent out people wanted to spend money and the sudden resurgence of travel for shopping gave more demand for the resource. Additionally, there is a major reason that our prices have risen, and it has very much to do with the previously stated war in Ukraine. As previously stated, Russia is a major producer of crude oil. Much of the oil supply for the Americas is imported from Russia. After the war began, President Biden cut off deals with Russia for oil trade which caused our normally ready supply to decrease greatly and therefore cause prices to rise for what we still had. 

The statements for blame in oil prices all play a part in the price at the pump. Biden cut ties with one of our resources, oil companies want to make more money with supply and demand, and the prices vary based on global costs. Regardless of what you believe there is likely some legitimacy. The truth just boils down to the rise of all prices recently, the increase in population has caused an increase in demand for necessary goods. In the end, wherever the blame falls is just different sides of the same multisided dice.