The shame of McCracken- “The freshman”


Kolby Wring, Staff Writer - The Mustang Messenger

We all know and hate a freshman no surprise there. We all know at least one that is the pebble in our shoe, the wrench in our plans, the bane of our existence. For starters, I feel it should be illegal for freshmen to look like a 5th grader and have a height of 4 ‘3 and that’s not even scratching the surface. It just feels downright inhumane to have to share a class with freshmen let alone an entire school. My next focal point that needs attention brought to it is the humor these freshmen have. It’s not even funny I see rancid, indecent activities that are now deemed “funny” by the masses of freshmen it also doesn’t make sense why they insist on drawing so much attention to themselves as they already know they have it tough being the new kids in the school and now they’re making themselves public enemy number one. Another pet peeve that really grinds my gears is how these freshmen have such an outdated sense of humor that’s either derived from tiktok or old vines from 2016-2017.

As a junior, there are some things I can’t even enjoy anymore as the freshmen have tainted the innocence of said enjoyable things. But let’s get down to the meat of it the freshman just have no regard at all when it comes to doing every cringe-worthy thing imaginable and I don’t know if I should be impressed with this bravery and courage or running for the hills upon seeing the activities they partake in knowing they will be ragged on for it. But to now nitpick the anatomy of the freshman. They always have to make themselves the loudest in the room for reasons I can’t explain. They also feel an irresistible urge to draw unwanted or perhaps wanted attention to themselves by behaving extremely immaturely and childishly. Now I know some of you are thinking “Quit being so hard on these freshmen.” Or “They’re not too annoying.” Well, it’s honestly quite simple. Know the appropriate time and place to act silly and goof off for starters. Also, read the room before you act impulsively and childishly. I mean I like to goof off and have fun as much as the next person but honestly just reign it in a little if anything. Believe me, it just makes everyone’s day worse at this 7-hour prison. In addition to this, they choose the worst possible time to behave like this as it’s always in between classes. It’s already dangerous enough navigating the hallways with people turning every which way and to add to this chaos there’s a group of 4 freshmen running around like madmen looking for the next spot to disrupt the social chain all within the span of 5 minutes.

Not to say that all freshmen are bad as I am personally friends with a freshman myself but I make sure his antics don’t get too out of hand. But perhaps the biggest tragedy out of all this is how the current sophomores here sadly retain some of their freshmen characteristics which can only be bad for the future of this school but at least next year is my senior year so good luck to those of you out there that defy the freshmen/sophomore stereotypes, I salute you. Perhaps the biggest question I have to ask is how? How can a 13/14-year-old freshman be surprisingly short and look like they’re fresh out of 3rd grade? Another tragedy I’ve noticed with today’s freshmen is their fashion sense. They dress in mismatched clothing as if they wore their pajamas or the first thing they found in their closet. I’ve also found it harder and harder to enjoy some new trends or memes as freshmen overuse them or depreciate their value to limitless ends. Thank you for listening to my freshmen rant/slander.