How McCracken does it different


Makanda Rolfe, Staff Writer - The Mustang Messenger

McCracken County high school differs from other schools in many ways. The school has a larger population, more extracurricular activities, more counseling options, and more. One of the most significant differences that McCracken offers is the career pathways.

McCracken currently offers 22 separate career pathways, although, that number is expected to change in the near future in order to off more pathways. Mr. Watwoood states that the school has had multiple students follow through in their pathway choices and pursue college and professional careers based on their previous experiences at McCracken. 

Another benefit of these career pathways is it gives students the opportunity to participate in the environments that they hope to pursue before actually spending money on something they aren’t certain that they will enjoy,  

During your one-on-one meetings with your counselor in January through February with your counselor of schedule changes, make sure to mention the career you want to pursue, or maybe just a certain part of one of the classes that stuck out to you, and your guidance counselor can put you onto a pathway they believe you may enjoy.