The Obama Sisters


Makenzie Adams, Messenger Reporter and Social Media Manager

Everyone knows who Malia and Sasha Obama are. Even if you think you don’t, the last name gives it away. They were the the first children, and while they weren’t the spotlight of every news article, they still got their fair share of fame.


Malia Obama is the older child. When her father was elected president, she was only 10. It was announced in mid 2016 that Malia is planning on attending Harvard University this fall after she finishes her gap year. She’s been shown in the media multiple times partying, smoking, and dancing. While everyone’s making a big deal about it, it really shouldn’t be. She’s 18 now, teens are going to have fun. It’s only a big deal because of who her father is. Many people also see her as a fashion icon. She’s straying away from typical White House attire by wearing what she wants to wear. Earlier this month, she was spotted in mom jeans (and she was rocking them). She also interned on the show Girls. In 2014, she also interned on the show Extant.


Sasha Obama is the younger sister. She is currently 15 years old, and she is the reason that the Obama family is staying in Washington D.C. for a few more years. She’s going to finish high school before Barack and Michelle choose to move (if they do). Sasha was only 7 when she moved into the White House, making her the youngest first child since John F. Kennedy Jr., and we have watched her grow a lot. She’s a normal kid, just like everyone else. She had a brief job at a restaurant in Martha’s Vineyard. She reportedly worked 4 hours a day under supervision of several Secret Service agents. The job only lasted a week, but it still gave her necessary life experience.


While both of these girls’ lives seem glamorous, they have a fairly normal lives (or they’re trying to at least). According to an interview with Michelle, Malia was taught how to drive by Secret Service agents. She also reportedly wants to be a filmmaker, which is why she spent so much time interning on shows. While she is going to an Ivy League school, she obviously isn’t afraid to chase her dreams. It isn’t clear yet what she is going to study for sure. When Sasha was 3 months old, she got meningitis. This took a serious toll on the Obama family, but luckily Sasha is perfectly healthy today.


The girls are also like every other teenager. They’re sassy and too cool to spend a bunch of time with their parents. They have plenty of friends like any other teenager, and they have other activities they’d rather be doing. Of course, they are monitored by Secret Service agents. Not my idea of normal teenage years, but they’re trying. Now that they’re out of the White House, they have more opportunities to date. Barack Obama is like any other dad in that he’s nervous and gets annoyed when he sees guys eyeing his daughters. The sisters also use social media, but their accounts are most likely made private and hard to find.
Watching first children grow up and become their own person is pretty entertaining, but once you forget about the fact that their parent is the president, they look just like every other teenager. But they grew up in the spotlight and will most likely remain in the spotlight for a pretty long time. It’s tough, but these two girls seem to be handling it well.