The 2017 Mr. MCHS Pageant


Caleb Buford

Mr. MCHS Pageant Contestants. Left to Right: Andrew Castleman, Dyllan Simmons, Blake Sanders, Ethan Schaff, Skylar Mayes, Trevor Massa, McKenzie Moss, Cameron Wilson,Rook Ellington, Kyle Smith, Peyton Cadwell, Jake Williams, Trey Pullen, Ian Pitt, Will Sykes, Samuel Powless.

Caleb Buford, Messenger Reporter & Business Manager

We have all heard of pageants happening all the time. From Toddlers & Tiaras to your best friend winning Ms. Strawberry Festival Queen, we know that this kind of event constantly occurs. There are some out there that just seem to be odd, like Miss Artificial Beauty, a pageant created for women with plastic surgery, and some that are really unique, like the annual Mr. MCHS Pageant, hosted here at McCracken County High School (MCHS).
Mr. MCHS is a boys only pageant with seniors from McCracken County High School as contestants. There are three main portions to the pageant; a formal wear portion, a talent portion, and of course, a swimwear portion. The Mr. MCHS Pageant was a hit last year and the hopes are even higher for this year. The pageant has double the contestants than previous years for a total of 16 contestants. “The audience should expect nothing but a great time and lots of laughs,” stated Bridget Huber, a Senior at MCHS and a student co-director of the pageant along with Mary Ceglinski. This pageant can get a little crazy because this pageant isn’t for competition, it’s meant as an opportunity to have fun and raise funds for a good cause.
“The event is sponsored by Project Graduation and acts as a fundraiser for Project Graduation,” expressed Huber. Project Graduation is an initiative and event created by teachers and students at MCHS to make sure graduating seniors are safe and not participating in illegal activities after graduation. They host a big lock-in party with free giveaways and events, such as Fear Factor, lip-sync battles, dodgeball, and more right after graduation. “This event is Project Grad’s biggest fundraiser of the year. It will bring in a huge portion of the money that will go towards prizes for the seniors of the night of graduation,” Huber continued.
Mr. MCHS will be one of the best events of the year. This event is a fun, action-packed time with a good cause behind it. Let’s make this year’s graduation the safest one yet. Mr. MCHS is October 28th at 8 PM in the C-Plant Performing Arts Center here at MCHS. Tickets are $5 can be bought by contacting a contestant, Bridget Huber, or Mary Ceglinski. Tickets will also be available at the door. Donations to Project Graduation are welcome. For more information about the show and it’s contestants, follow Project Graduation on Instagram & Twitter (@MCHSProjGrad).