Would you eat this: century egg


Rodney Perry, Newspaper Editor


One the most universally enjoyed breakfast food of all time is the egg. The egg has` been a staple in the Breakfast menu for years from the scrambled egg, poached egg and even omelet. One of the most common way to eat an egg is hard-boiled. One ancient Chinese delicacy takes a hard-boiled egg and amplifies it.


The Century egg is a Chinese dish that dates backs to the Ming dynasty and was supposedly discovered after duck eggs were left in a pool of lime. Century eggs are preserved eggs  much like hard-boiled eggs. Century eggs, however, do not take a century to make, they are actually made from a few weeks to a month. Century eggs are made by preserving chicken, duck or quail eggs in a mixture of salt, lime and ash, then wrapping in rice husks for several weeks. Doing this raises the pH level of the egg quickly turning it from a white color to a dark green almost black, giving it its hundred year name. The smell is notably one of the biggest distractions from the egg. Many say getting over the odor allows to enjoy it more thoroughly.


This dish may look disgusting but is said to taste like a boiled egg and is usually served with pickled ginger and rice porridge. Despite the not being a favourite among tourist locals find the century egg a delicacy.