Paducah for Tourists


McKenzie Crane, Social Media Manager

Living in Paducah can make the town seem extremely boring. When you’re used to the “small town” life, moving to a big city sounds like the ultimate dream. But as a tourist in Paducah, it actually isn’t too bad. Looking beyond the boring everyday events of our city, we actually have a lot of cool things to do here! With our cultural downtown area, we are the ideal “hipster” town. Here are some things you can do as a tourist in Paducah, KY:


Antique Shops! Downtown is full of old shops with so many neat things inside! Our antique mall and other smaller shops are filled with collectibles and cool things you would never find anywhere else! You don’t even have to buy anything, just taking a look at all the items in our antique stores gives you a glimpse at paducah’s history!


Unique Restaurants! Restaurants like Doe’s, Italian Grill, and Gold Rush are just a few examples of the many restaurants downtown with unique menu choices. My personal favorites are Tribeca, Italian Grill, and Gold Rush, but any of the restaurants are guaranteed to give you a good meal!


The Flood Wall and History of Paducah! Living in paducah means you automatically know about the flood wall. There was a terrible flood a long time ago that caused us to build a wall to hold back the river when it floods. But if you haven’t actually looked at all of the history in the murals on the wall, it’s a very, very interesting piece of history of our town.


Paducah is a very unique town filled with our own personal culture and history. Every part of our historic downtown gives a glimpse of Paducah life. From the inside looking out, living in a town like this seems like a very boring life. Just make every day in this town a new experience and discover something new every day!