The Truth About The New Year

Noah Ring, Mustang Messenger

If you’ve lived through any New Year’s celebrations, chances are you’ve noticed the fitness frenzy that comes with the event.  All around, people vow to lose weight and eat healthy. This becomes a field day for the diet industry.


Just think of the workout videos and strange cleanses clouding up our timelines. These products are heavily advertised year-round, but the companies undoubtedly have a huge opportunity for profit during January.  With everyone shouting  “New Year, New me” you can’t help but to make money during it.


The overwhelming majority of these products sold to you don’t work and rely on the placebo effect. Basically making you believe they worked because there is no way to really prove if it worked or not. Now don’t take this the wrong way – it is definitely better to drink those than a 64 ounce soda, but you’d be better off just drinking water.


As you could guess gyms also make a lot of their money throughout the beginning of the year. They take advantage of everybody’s new years resolution to lose weight and get stronger and end up making millions. 73% of people who sign up at the beginning of the year quit going by March. Here’s something gyms don’t tell you, they don’t want you to come to the gym, they make their money by you not coming to the gym. Everytime you come to the gym you are putting wear and tare on their machines, which costs them money.  


So at the end of the day it is a great idea to want to better yourself but don’t fall into the corporate ways to do it. Losing weight is as simple as calories in/ calories out. If you burn more calories than you take in then you will lose weight. I hope this article helped out.