Hollywood a-listers star in fantastical-romance film

Review: The Lake House by Alejandro Agresti


Jaiden Herzog, Staff Writer - The Mustang Messenger

Alejandro Agresti’s astounding motion picture, The Lake House, shook the entire thematic world of fantasy and romanticism when it was released in theaters in 2006. Hollywood A-listers Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock starred in this American adaptation of the 2000-Korean film ‘Il Mare.’ The story portrayed a complex, star-crossed love relationship between a Chicago doctor, Kate Forster, and the new architect tenant of her old lakehouse, Alex Wyler. The two exchanged letters via the lake house mailbox, by which they discovered they were living in different years. This enormous obstacle posed several conflicts for Alex and Kate throughout the entire movie.

“It’s just so touching. Even my husband likes it!” proclaimed a fan of the film.

Movie director Alejandro Agresti used the complexity of time to his advantage. In the fictional world of The Lake House, it was possible for a relationship between Alex and Kate to exist, even though the lovers were separated by two years. This deterrent was unheard of since the element is a feature of fantasy. This absurdness –this challenge of the mind– enticed the viewers to rush to the theaters and buy a large popcorn (with extra butter, of course!) This is precisely what Agresti was aiming for.

“I wanted to reclaim the powerful and strange love story from ‘Il Mare’ and put it into The Lake House,” the award-winning director said in an interview.

Adding to this, readers weren’t able to tell by the movie how it would end, so there was a sprinkle of mystery. In the theatric romance genre, the mystery is a must, since it entices the viewer to keep watching. The suspense and uncertainty of the plot left viewers wondering how the scenes would progress and the drama thickens.

“The trick is to never let them see the film’s next move, its next course of action,” remarked director Alejandro Agresti.

Truly, the ingredient that grabbed the reader’s attention was the movie’s stars: Bullock and Reeves. Both did a marvelous job of portraying the roles assigned to them. They smoothly slipped right into their characters’ alluring romance and their acting in this film only affirmed their worth of being Hollywood A-listers. The chemistry they created in the studio felt authentic to their at-home spectators.

“My mom and I adore Bullock and Reeves. They are just so good together,” stated an anonymous fan.

Alejandro Agresti’s The Lake House, an astonishing adaptation of the 2000 movie ‘Il Mare,’ rightfully earned its popularity because of its stars, their renowned acting, the mysteriousness, the complex time concept, and the portrayal of a Romeo-and-Juliet love affair. This movie was and still is a favorite among fans worldwide.

“It is the most entertaining and heart throbbing romance piece since The Notebook,” remarked an anonymous London book author.