Annoying Things Teachers Do

Annoying Things Teachers Do

Whitney Herring, Messenger Reporter

September 2016


Teachers are a part of our everyday lives, they make a huge difference in the outcome of your personal schooling experience. Not all teachers are as horrible as students make them out to be, but there are a few minor things that most teachers do that annoy many students.


Group projects are the poster child for torture, mainly when you are paired with the students that NEVER do their work or put forth the effort. No matter how many times you ask your group to participate, they always find an excuse to not do anything and that leaves you with all the work. I understand why group projects are used, but that doesn’t make them any less painful for the classmates that actually have to do the work. Group projects aren’t as bad when you are paired with students that will take part in the project, but when you are paired with the slackers, group projects are torturous.


Teachers also feel the need to punish the whole class for one person’s actions. There is no need for that when they can easily see who is being disruptive from the front of the room. Instead of using that student as an example, they decide to punish the whole class. By punishing the whole class, the teacher is taking away the other students right to an education.


High school teachers tend to stand right in front of the board while teaching, making it extremely difficult for the class to copy the notes. Students have to constantly move their heads to see the words written on the board. Teachers don’t even realize they are doing it until a student has to ask the teacher to step to the side. There are also times where moving your head just doesn’t work because no matter where you decide to move your head, the teacher is going to move to that exact spot preventing you from copying down the notes. If teachers could stay in one place while we are trying to copy the notes, it would make students lives a whole lot easier.
I know teachers don’t do these things to be mean or to make our lives hard, but that isn’t how it seems. It seems like they want to make our lives hard but they don’t actually want that. Teachers want us to grow and succeed, they want what is best for us. They want us to be the best that we can be.