Don’t Do That in School (Opinion)

Dont Do That in School (Opinion)

Lauren Wildoner, Messenger Reporter & Artwork Coordinator


  • Don’t make out in the halls: This is arguably the most annoying thing in the high school hallway. I can assure you, no one wants to see it. Not teachers, not students, not your friends, no one. Stop it. Seriously. It’s gross.
  • Don’t try to walk into your next class when no one from the previous period has exited yet: You have five entire minutes to get through that door frame. The previous period, unlike you, is most likely not standing a foot away from their next class. So please, just give it a second.
  • Don’t walk the opposite way of traffic: Unless you find bumping into each and every single McCracken student’s backpack or shoulder enjoyable, walk alongside the wall, not directly through the sea of people. You aren’t Moses. The waters will not part.
  • Don’t park diagonally: If you have a license and a car, you know how to park, so why take up more spaces than you have to by being lazy? It inhibits your classmates from getting where they need to be and it only takes a few seconds to align your car.
  • Don’t let your backpack hang open: Zip it. Please. Your stuff IS going everywhere.


DON’T STEAL MY PARKING SPOT: This has been a public service announcement from every upperclassman who has been parking in the same spot ALL YEAR. If you even kind of think it could be someone’s spot, don’t park there. Park way out by the far light poles and work your way up like the rest of us did.