Hollywood’s Political Opinions

Hollywoods Political Opinions

Luke Resser, Messenger Reporter

It seems that recently, many celebrities have decided to share their opinions of certain subjects that they really have no authority on. The recent inauguration of Donald Trump is the perfect example. The controversial election was greeted with harsh statements from many celebrities that have no political authority. Many people were angered by this because of the fact that celebrities like Meryl Streep don’t have any political influence. While this may be true, people should be able to hear an opinion that they don’t agree with and not get angry. If a normal person is allowed to talk about politics, then why can’t celebrities? Too often, celebrities are given a godlike persona and are seen as something they aren’t. In the end, they’re people who have opinions just like everyone else. And we should be able to discuss our different views and not be angry if someone says something that we don’t agree with. Hearing another opinion is completely normal and it shouldn’t change you or make you hate someone for having a different view.